Sometimes I wake up and my knee jerks and I hit the wall and fall off my bed.
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Kid Loki

Loki (c) Marvel

Art (c) Me

ABC ousin

UUUGH. I just got into Namco High and I’m such an idiot for being so late. But Anti-Bravoman was my favorite from the start so whatever. =u=

New Sidebar Image!

And New Sidebar!


Things that I got done today? This! Things that I didn’t get done today? Everything else. Heheh.

Dream Scape

I had a dream I was a modern day shoujo magica and my friends were being mind controlled and sending their monsters to fight with me, while I used magic sneakers to hop in air and dance all around them.

Our parents had been magicas too.

Art (c) Me

Vivid Dreamers and Friends + Misc Pixel Collection!

This is 300% size. They’re actually fucking tiny.

Please do not repost or use for commercial purposes.

Manila Folder Crane

This was so hard to do. My thumbs hurt.

First attempt at a paper crane.

This is a horribly wonderful first try.

CacklingJackal Logo Entry by Kurobook

Batman and Robin

A little piece I did on the last day of 7th grade when my teacher was getting rid of projector papers to make room for the new ELMO. Recycling~!

Made with Sharpies and OHP Transparencies.

Art (c) Me

"Oh it’s you again."

"No, I can’t tell you. Can’t you figure it out yourself?"

From this.

Corey is in a state of panic.

Donnella Azuren Yovekla Florich

Master of Dreams

He sleeps so often that he has bags under his eyes

His house smells of the burnt ash incense he keeps using. Also everything is pillows and curtains everywhere, he has no windows, honestly it’s more of a burrow, he never leaves.

Oh, he does help people sleep though. De-stressing classes.

I’m so upset that they DIDN’T TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO HER.

I really like making these lazy background spats.