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*whimpers because I don’t have a service to watch Warehouse 13 tonight*

*also because school and sleep, which suck*

Danny Phantom AU (of the whole series)


Oh gosh okay I know this is long but honestly this is the best au idea I have ever come up with and I have had some good ones before, so please at least consider taking this journey, it’s based entirely on the original show just BIGGER and I think it would have been really cool if this what the show was actually about but maybe only if the show had been longer and possibly aimed to an older audience, also a lot of inspiration for this came from a variety of different fanfics and fanon

Like what if after getting caught up in the portal Danny’s powers didn’t manifest straight away, what if he spent the first season or so fighting ghosts as a human with his parents simply because he felt responsible for opening the portal in the first place

And then maybe throughout the series little things would happen like strange things he can’t explain and at first you’re like ‘what?’ but then on the season finale he would transform for the first time and you’d be like ‘ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS MAKE SENSE NOW’

And then the second series would be about him adjusting to having powers and trying to hide them from ghosts and humans but then it turns out that neither the humans nor ghosts recognise his ghost half and he starts to use that to his advantage to learn things about ghosts so he can fight them easier by discovering their weaknesses

But he ends up starting to relate to the ghosts and he stops seeing them as ghosts and starts seeing them as people and he has this whole mental breakdown over it but he’s also super relieved because if the ghosts aren’t really monsters then he isn’t either and there’s all this emotional confusion taking place

And then just to kick Danny in the teeth, after this realisation hits the whole Dark Dan story plot takes place (altered to fit this universe though) and he starts doubting himself again even worse than before (this would probably happen late season two)

Also Vlad would fuck things up as always because during the first series he’s just that creepy guy who wants to bang Danny’s mum and has the occasional dramatic *TOTALLY HIDING SOMETHING* moments but you don’t know WHAT, also you don’t see Plasmius at all during the first series, he’s just a shady name that Danny hears about, mostly from Skulker but sometimes other ghosts mention him too and they’re all scared of him so you start to wonder who this guy is

Until the second season where Vlad discovers Danny’s secret and pulls the whole ‘we’re the same!! I relate to you!’ shtick to get Danny on his side and all that bullshit, but of course everything goes pear-shaped when Danny realised he’s ‘The’ Plasmius he’s been hearing about who was the mastermind behind a lot of the evil shit that went down in season one so he’s all ‘no fuck you you’re evil’ and then of course shit hits the fan and Plasmius becomes the main antagonist

Also Plasmius would be super scary and evil in this show, like he wouldn’t have the silly swears or anything he’d be downright TERRIFYING most of the time and the most manipulative little shit to the extreme and he just starts making things really hard for Danny’s human half AND ghost half

Maddie and Jack would be more involved in the plot during season one since Danny hunts with them and they’re teaching him how to hunt properly and we learn about what ghosts are and how they work during this period of the show, but during season two Danny would start to distance himself from them as he takes on things himself and starts becoming more independent and paranoid about them figuring out his secret

Sam and Tucker would actually have less to do in the first season since it would be based more around Danny and his parents but they’d still make appearances when Danny hangs around with them during school and stuff and he’d still share everything with them and they’d be the first ones to notice when Danny’s powers start kicking in and they’d be the first ones the make the connection between them and the accident since they (as is canon) were there when it happened

They would have bigger roles in season two as they’d have more to do with Danny’s ghostly side of business, and since Danny starts distancing himself from his parents he stops going on regular hunts and instead focuses on bigger and more dangerous threats, so this season would have more of the big baddies than just ghosts like the Box Ghost and Skulker

Also after Sam’s whole stint with Undergrowth afterwards (maybe a few episodes later) it would be revealed that some of his power had clung to her and had started manifesting (that had always been an ‘after series’ headcanon of mine) so she has a small amount of control over plants that grows as the show progresses (it would also have complications that would be covered in various episodes)

Oh oh oh I nearly forgot Jazz, okay so Jazz would be super worried about Danny’s growing obsession with ghost hunting during season one, and she’s also still battling her own internal conflict over ghosts actually existing, but mostly she tries to help Danny overcome his sense of responsibility over the ghost portal incident, with varying result depending on what’s been happening throughout the show, also she spends some of her time halfway through season one studying ghosts themselves and taking notes on their behaviour as a personal study project, so at some point she becomes like their database of ghostly info when it comes to the behaviour and personalities of ghosts, (this spans way into season two and becomes like her main role on the show) she also spends a lot of time with Tucker since he helps her file and sort the information digitally, also I’ve never been a big TuckerxJazz shipper but the way I’ve managed to plot this au out it looks like a potential possibility so yeah that may as well become a thing in later seasons, which would involve an amusing awkward period between the bro the sis and the best bud for a couple of episode until it eased into the plot and becomes a stable part of the show

Also Vlad never showed much interest in Jazz in the original show so I thought it would be interesting if I could change that, maybe Vlad is impressed by her intelligence and decides to pursue her as well as Danny (as a daughter!! not as anything else!! ugh)

Also yeah if any of you had read my story idea about Danny and Dash’s backstory I would probably weasel some of that in here too, because it’s angst-tastic and would fit in well

Okay so that’s all season one and two stuff, season three would be a lot different, season three would be the one where Danny has become confident in who he is and what he can do, he has his little group of ‘Ghost Getters!’ (“That is NOT our name Jazz god damn it”) and everything has become pretty stable, Danny can handle himself and any enemy that comes along, his ghost half is well respected among ghosts, he’s had his rough spots with Plasmius but always comes out on top, he’s been fixing up his relationship with his parents (even if they still don’t know his secret) but this is when the big BIG guns come out

The Pariah Dark plot, except in this universe it will be so much bigger and it’ll even get it’s own full arc, there’ll be ghost armies, attacks, failures, backup plans, emergency retreats, unexpected allies and all the good stuff that comes with a fucking ghost war with a small human town stuck in the middle of it

And Danny would be the one to lead everyone, as his ghost half leads armies and plans attacks and his human half would be keeping the humans safe and organised so when the wars and fighting are over (the final battle would be awesome because it would literally be EVERYONE fighting Pariah’s army of much stronger people than those skeletons from the show) both halves of Danny would be hailed heroes, which is fortunate for him because this is when the big reveal would happen, unintentionally, and all confused hell would break loose

Everyone would be divided because on the one hand he’s a war hero who saved pretty much everyone human and ghost alike, but he’s also an abomination to everyone human and ghost alike, the second half of season three would be spent as Danny and the Ghost Getters go into hiding from everyone, sheltered by human and ghost allies as they go and chased by human and ghost enemies, things would get really intense

Agh that’s all I can think of right now but honestly this is how I wish the show had gone, it had so much more potential than what they did with it!!





K. Well… I’m just gonna write this out as best as I can while I’m freaking out and crying. 

So I got in a car accident, and I pretty much fucked up this guys truck but my cars fine. But I don’t know if hes claiming it or not, probably not so I’ll most likely have to pay… So I’ll be doing commissions as best as I can and I seriously frick’n hope I get people asking for commissions because I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do because I need the money… so yeah…

tonight I’ll put down prices and shit… and yeah… yeah







i find my cosmic insignificance reassuring

the stars don’t fucking care who i am or what i do

i owe the universe nothing

i exist on my own terms

#the galaxy dont care that u messed up the thing that one time

#when existentialism becomes comforting rather than horrifying

Kid Loki

Loki (c) Marvel

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Today I want to talk about Polyamory because it’s something that gets brushed over and ignored quite a lot. It is also often misunderstood and seen as identical to patriarchal polygamy, and many polyamorous individuals are shamed for it.

Let’s start with what Polyamory IS. A polyamorous individual practices, desires, or accepts having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. This is NOT the same as someone who cheats on their partner. It is also distinct from swinging which emphasizes sex with others as recreational only.

Polyamory is also not the same as having commitment issues. Polyamerous individuals are fully committed to all of their partners, or to a single partner while still holding feelings for other people.

Polyamorous individuals are legitimately in love with more than one person. To them, love is not a limited commodity - in other words, they are capable of wholeheartedly loving multiple people at once. They also go against the idea that love is “scarce” and that a person can only have “one true love.” [Source] To a polyamorous person, love is abundant and unrestricted in this way.

Polyamory is in essence on the opposite end of the spectrum from aromanticism, and while how a polyamorous individual chooses to act on their feelings is within their own control, they are no more capable of not being polyamorous emotionally than an aromantic individual is capable of forcing themselves to have romantic feelings. Romantic orientation is a real thing, no more controllable than sexual orientation.

Again, it must be stressed that romantic orientation toward multiple people and cheating do not go hand in hand. Cheating is an act of breaching the trust in a relationship. Polyamory is cheating only when it’s non-consensual or multiple relationships exist without the knowledge of one or more significant others.

Kinds of Polyamorous Relationships Include:

-Polyfidelity: multiple romantic relationships with sexual contact restricted to only specific partners in the group

-Sub-Relationships: distinctions are made between primary and secondary relationships (e.g. most open marriages)

-Triad Relationships: three people who are romantically involved

-Quad Relationships: usually a relationship between a couple and another cuple

-Polygamyin which one person marries several spouses (who may or may not be married to, or have romantic relationships with, one another)

-Mono/Poly Relationshipswhere one partner is monogamous but agrees to the other having outside relationships

-Open Relationshipswhere participants may have sexual liaisons with others not within their core group of partners. Note that some open relationships may be open only sexually, while exclusive emotionally, or even vice-versa

In all of these examples, note once again that informed consent is key in all polyamorous relationship forms.

Polyamorous groups have attempted to define a set of values for polyamorous relationships. These stress that fidelity is faithfulness to the promises and agreements made about a relationship (a secret sexual relationship that violates those accords would be seen as a breach of fidelity); emphasize respect, trust, and honesty for all partners; polyamorists often advocate explicitly negotiating with all involved to establish the terms of their relationships, and often emphasize that this should be an ongoing process of honest communication and respectpoly relationships often involve establishing specific boundaries, or “ground rules” (for instance, consultation about new relationships); gender equality is also a common value as many polyamorists do not believe in different relationship “rules” based on gender, a point of contrast with some forms of religious non-monogamy which are often patriarchically based; and finally, most polyamorous individuals and their partners place value on non-possessiveness, viewing excessive restrictions on other deep relationships as less than desirable, as such restrictions can be used to replace trust with a framework of ownership and control. [Source]

Like other sexual minorities and members of the LGBTQIAP community, polyamorous people face discrimination, misunderstanding, hatred, and contempt on a regular basis.

I suspect no one will reblog this because people don’t seem to give a shit about anyone besides the LG in LGBTQIAP. But these people exist and they matter and they are seriously discriminated against.

Having marriages with multiple partners is illegal in most places and polyamorous people are near-constantly called “sluts” and generally shamed for their feelings.

Having multiple consensual relationships doesn’t harm anyone. It doesn’t somehow ruin the sanctity of your monogamous relationship or marriage.

There’s also a huge historical precedent for polyamory.

In China, “traditional culture does not prohibit or explicitly encourage polygyny (one man, multiple women)” and “polyandry, the practice of one woman having multiple husbands, is traditionally considered by the majority Han as immoral,” however, “amongst other Chinese ethnicities polyandry existed and exists especially in mountainous areas.” [Source]

North American Tribal marriage practices vary from tribe to tribe, but the majority of tribes practice some form of polygyny. All sexual practices can be found throughout the tribes, including polygny, polyandry, wife-swapping, premarital sex, extramarital sex, and monogamy, however it is rare that monogamy is the sole sexual practice found in any given tribe." [Source]

And when I studied Viking Age Scandinavia for my history thesis, I came across many instances of polyamorous relationships which were totally acceptable until the adoption of Christianity (and even persisted for some time after it, infuriating Church leaders).

If you’re interested in polyamorous relationships, Robert Heinlein’s 1961 book “Stranger in a Strange Land" is a highly influential work that depicts plural partnerships.



ABC ousin

UUUGH. I just got into Namco High and I’m such an idiot for being so late. But Anti-Bravoman was my favorite from the start so whatever. =u=

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Not Iambic….Do Not Accept…

These tags I’ll pop, and boast in rhyming verse
that what I wear puts swagger in my gait;
though twenty shillings have I in my purse,
my self-esteem and manhood both inflate
when lofty furs I purchase for a cent.
Thy grandpa’s clothes are worthy salvage, though
they smell a trifle musty. Still, I spent
much less to dress myself from head to toe.

To save or not to save? The question’s moot.
I’ll never give my coin to high-street crooks.
These dusty shelves will yield their hidden loot
to those, like me, more frugal in their looks.
Like ancient coins washed up on distant shores,
I’ll find my treasures in these thrifty stores.
     - Macklemore, “Thrift Shoppe”

*Crying with laughter*



Guys, that’s not only Iambic, that’s a fucking sonnet. *claps*

Grammatically correct for the period and a couple of references to Shakespeare’s actual works.

I’m sincerely impressed.

i need a fic where someone hits the friend of a hufflepuff and suddenly the hufflepuff JUST WAILS ON THE M AND THEYRE FUCKING PISSED BECAUSE NO WAY YOU JUST DID THAT TO MY FRIEND YOU LITTLE WART ON HUMANITYS ASS

and gets like a week of detention that they spend planning how to best toss that shit off the astronomy tower and get away with it just

I’m just gunna joke around and play with the idea that my little Janus and companion is a glitch in Olympus Overdrive.

They don’t count as a player and they don’t bother participating and no one can sense them and just leave me in my little corner of characters so I can play dolls alone.

I’m so angry because I did a bunch of reading on Janus, because he’s one of my favorite gods, but I never saw any clarification on his Greek or Roman status until I actually got enough time to check it and well piss all.

He’s Roman.

My favorite Greek is Nemesis, though so I’ll be drawing them for the time.

But man I had such a cool idea for him, I’m mad and general upset.

I just realized that my school probably planned Spring Break for this week just to make sure they’d avoid April Fools.